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Some of our recent news.

One Big Family Picnic

Meet every CIU Family members, new commers and friends. Sunday August 30th from 11-3pm EST at Chinguacousy Park.

EID ul Adha 2020 announcement

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated this year in Canada on Friday, July 31st 2020 Please stay safe and enjoy this eid with your immediate family and close loved ones.

Previous Events

Some of our recent community events.

Mark Your Calendar

CIU Family Calendar of The Month

Here is our calendar for the month. We are looking for as many falilies and friends as much as possible to join our events.

Al Azhar Academy Canada

CIU Launch Al Azhar

Register your children for our family special weekend school programs.

CIU September Event for families and friends.

We have 2 big events in this month.

One Big Family event on the 20-th of September is coming. Let's make this event a successful one.

November Event

CIU November Family Event Agenda

Please note our family event agenda for this month.

We are looking for all families and friends to join our meeting.

Monthly Gathering Poll

CIU Monthly Gathering Poll is in!

Temporary result for monthly gathering family events, such as picnics usually held in parks or public facilities is in. Seems like most of family members and friends prefer to be held on Sundays, preferable on the 3-rd Sunday of the month. Thank you for parcipating for the poll.

One Big Family Picnic

BBQ Luch at Chiguacousy Park

Canadian Islamic Union bring together Muslims families in the community and friends to enjoy, a summer BBQ with games, prizes and fun activities for children.

About Us

The Canadian Islamic Union is a dynamic team of optimistic, compassionate, diverse, and God conscious professionals seeking to find solutions to the issues of isolation, loneliness, and spiritual void faced by many Muslims across Canada especially during pandemic. As a team, CIU embarked on establishing an organization that identifies members as part of One Big Family. The objective of CIU is helping its family revive their Muslim identity, connectedness, and sense of belonging to One Big Family (Ummah). This is achieved by reviving the One Big Family spirituality, improving moral character, providing education and mentorship, increasing financial success, and engaging in political activism.

Important Days

Our vision

To be an Islamic center, cultural and educational in its global sense, committed to serving the community, consolidating the identity of the Muslim and providing services to the whole society.

Call to Action

CIU hopes to collectively develop strong bonds between Muslim members of the union based on the correct and balanced/moderate understanding of Islam. The Union will provide essential spiritual services at the highest quality to its members and families. The union shall be comprised of individuals that share a bond in their following of Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah and members will lead our community projects. Together we will work towards removing the obstacles for the current and future generations to carry on living as successful Muslim Canadians and benefiting others.

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Free Quran

For the past 10+ years, Free Quran Canada has handed out hundreds of free copies of the Quran annually to spread the final message of God to those who are interested. Visit to order your copy of the Quran for free today!


Islamic Culture Centre

The Islamic Culture Centre is a dream of CIU. The vision is to have a space where children, men, and women can experience the culture of Islam in a nurturing environment, a place for family gatherings and means for charitable activities.